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Our mission at Guardians of Freedom Michigan is to reclaim and defend Michiganders' civil liberties through legal, educational and, lobbying pathways.  As a community-based civil liberties organization, Guardians of Freedom Michigan works hard to educate Michiganders and all Americans on the reality of COVID-19 while ensuring our Constitutional rights are honored in the process.

We will hold public servants accountable for their unconstitutional actions, and make sure none of our God-given rights are ever diminished again, even in times of 'emergency.'



We are a rapidly growing group of active freedom-loving Michiganders, who recognize the tremendous sacrifices made by countless generations of Americans throughout our nation's history to secure, preserve, and protect our God-given rights.


Our purpose is to reclaim and protect Michigander's civil liberties by holding public servants accountable to their oaths; to educate people about their God-given rights protected by the Constitution; and to advocate that none of our rights are ever diminished again, even in times of 'emergency.'

We support every individual's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We are activists uniting all of Michigan behind the full enforcement of the Constitution.


Leading Guardians of Freedom Michigan is our all-volunteer Board comprised of courageous Michiganders from all walks of life and careers. The Board is responsible for making all legal and financial decisions and leading this new movement.


Guardians of Freedom Michigan (GOFM) is a community liberties organization. We believe in advocating for Michigander's God-given and Constitutionally protected liberties through education, legal pathways, lobbying, and events.


GOFM believes in working very closely with other like-minded groups in Michigan and throughout the country. There is strength in numbers!

GOFM believes in having Freedom Groups that any Michigander can easily attend. GOFM stands on the belief and understanding that our federal and state Constitutions are based on God's Word, the Bible.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people: it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." -John Adams (2nd President, USA)

GOFM believes that our offspring (heirs) need to be pulled out of the schools right now due to the massive amount of socialist/Marxist indoctrination being taught.  Their social and athletic lives can be fulfilled with other homeschooling friends and groups in your area.


GOFM is not affiliated with any political party or candidate. 

GOFM was established in January 2021. 

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